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Homage to Barefoot Filmmaking Manifesto

An interactive, typographic homage to Sally Potter’s “Barefoot Filmmaking Manifesto.”

This is a design for a manifesto as part of 'Typography and Visual Design' course at Parsons School of Design. For this project, we had to take a manifesto and set it meaningfully in typography and format. I chose Sally Potter’s “Barefoot Filmmaking Manifesto” as the copy for my text because I appreciated the text’s directness and honesty. I felt it spoke well to how I view my own projects.

In this design, I chose to bring out the haphazard and seemingly random ways projects often come into being. That is why the user is initially presented with a barely legible column of text and and then by clicking on each item, the main section of the page slowly fills up, though not necessarily in the order the user would expect — thereby creating a new and unique artifact. Ultimately, this ad hoc manifesto can be downloaded as a pdf.