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Start Up Experience

During my three years at Riskified, I had the chance to work with some of the most incredibly talented people I have ever met. I worked intimately with all the teams learn about their domain problems, explore with them how to best address those problems with data, and build and maintain data tools to allow them to work more efficiently and find hidden insights. 

That said, arguably the most important thing I learned there was simply how much I loved working with data

It was incredibly rewarding how much I was able to learn from the ways in which different teams looks at and interact with their data. For example, the robust exploratory tools I designed for the Automation team were drastically different from the tracking and forecasting dashboards I made for the Finance team. Each had their own way of viewing the data and their own questions they needed answered. It was only through sensitivity to these differences that I was able to craft visual languages suited for each domain in order to most effectively convey the stories within the data.


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